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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I was really concerned about the Guys last week, but concern isn't necessary any more:) They were incredible tonight!

Phil Stacey - Smooth and mellow - very easy to listen to and he can rock with the best of them.
Randy - That was hot, Paula- - I can hear you on the radio, Simon - very popular, very nice guybut nothing unique and very unoriginal

Jared Cotter - He's adorable and has a beautful smile - Sings with so much soul and the "Marvin Gayle" appeal came right through. He sang, Get It On and he was "right on!"
Randy - A little pitchy, but he liked it, Simon - It reminded him of the "Love Boat" type of performance; a bit corny

AJ Tabaldo - He brought it up quite a notch from last week. DId good and I loved his performance.
Randy - Kinda Nice, Paula - Really good voice, Simon - Nearly very good lol

Sanjiya Malakar - Definitely can sing, but I think his voice has to mature in richness and depth. A forgettable performance and I do believe he will be one of two that will be leaving on Thursday.
Randy - Like a bad HS talent show - really weak, Paula - in pitch but needs to pick songs to celebrate his youth, Simon - Ghastly performance with no impact

Chris Sligh - I think he could sing anything and have it be wonderful. I love, love, love his voice. Can he become the next AMerican Idol? He just might if he continues doing what he's been doing since day 1!
Randy - Even better than last week, Paula - Awesome, Simon - You're a very good Singer!

Nick Pedro - Smooth Singer with a hint of smokiness - very nice performance
Randy - Did better than last week - just a little pitchy, Paula - Love the tone of your voice, Simon - Good voice but lacked charisma

Blake Lewis - Very unique performer and so entertaining -
Randy - Like you Man, Paula - Smart choice of songs and there is no one else like him in the competition
Simon - the 1st part was a copycat version, the middle was original and good and the 3rd part was out of tune

Brandon Rogers - Very good voice with a winning smile:) Gave a warm performance
Randy - Didn't do enough vocally to show what he's got, Paula - I felt your heart in the son, Simon - You've to got to make a "wow" impact, if you want to stay in the competition

Chris Richardson - To me, he and blake Lewis sound very much alike - Chris gave a good vocal performance
Randy - Chris is in it to win tonight - Hot, Simon - Best performance tonight by miles

- He's back!!!!! :) He's a bluesy, brilliant - performer with the type of soul that reaches to the very tips of your toes.
Randy - Wow - Welcome back - Hot performance, Paula - Awesome - Best vocal I ever heard, Simon - We've got the Sundance back

Tonight's show was thoroughly entertaining and the Guys are back in the competition! Tomorrow night, we'll see how the girls fare. Stay tuned:)

Friday, February 23, 2007


We had to say goodbye to the following, last night and I wish them well.

Paul Kim, Amy Krebbs, Nicole Tranquila and Rudy Cardenas.

As promised, this is my review on the remaining 10 girl and the heck with the Judges’ views for this week…..:)

Stephanie Edwards: She signs from her soul and with the believability in every word she emotes. You can see how completely at ease she is on stage and she had the ability to make me smile with her performance.

Leslie Hunt – She seemed extremely confident on stage….rather “spunky” and I liked the raspy quality of her voice and great range as well

Sabrina Sloan – She is a seasoned performer, who vocalizes straight from her heart, who showed her vocal range to the max!

Jordan Sparks – Here is a 17year old with bunches of talent. This young lady can sing, though I wasn’t crazy about her song choice.

Haley Scarnato – The Judges and I disagreed. First of all, she’s beautiful and has an extremely powerful and mesmerizing voice It’s great that many of the girls, opted for song choices that showed their vocal range and Haley was no exception!

Melinda Doolittle – She was a background singer who has earned her way to the front line! She’s a natural with pure range and pitch perfection

Alaina Alexander – I didn’t care for her performance at all. I thought she was pitchy and didn’t like her choice of songs at all. As Simon said…..she kept singing “I’m Special, which was part of the lyrics and there was nothing special about her or her performance

Antonella Barber – Very pretty girl, but her performance was totally forgettable. She was extremely nervous and very pitchy in parts…..

Gina Glocksen – She sang “All By Myself” and truly made this song her own. I am crazy about Gina’s singing ability. She sings with so much emotion and she’s powerful in her message and hit the last note as well as Celine Dion, though Simon would disagree with me:)

Lakisha Jones
– I think there is nothing more that I can add, about the singing ability and star quality of Lakisha

Thursday, February 22, 2007

A star illuminated the stage last night!. Lakisha blew me away with her performance, as I’m sure she did anyone who was tuned in. She is a bonafide Star and though we may have all been thinking the same thoughts as an initial response, I’m not so sure it was a good judgment call on his behalf, to have stated what he did and out loud
. The remaining 23 had to experience the sensation of having the rug being pulled out from under them and I’m sure were anything but comfortable, after the remark. This was reflected on their faces, as the camera showed.

Let’s not lose sight of the remaining 23, very talented contestants who want and deserve a chance for their star to shine as well. We still have a long way to go, with different genres of music yet to be performed, before an American Idol is selected and stranger things have been known to happen. Once the initial “thud” of Simon’s remark has passed….. hopefully, it will just give the remaining 23 the “push” to bring it up, more than a notch or two and to realize that “ordinary” is just not good enough. I hope they will all maintain an upbeat positive and not a defeatist attitude as each one of them, still have a chance to fulfill, what they all consider to be their destiny! …..There is not one, that would be considered “chopped liver” :)

With that having been said and feeling much better, in being able to express myself, I am going to give you my top picks of the night.

Lakisha Jones
Gina Glocksen
Stephanie Edwards
Haley Scarnato
Melinda Doolittle

It’s been an extremely stressful day for me;albeit a “happier than I thought it might be” ending,.so I will include my initial reviews for the remaining 10 girls in tomorrow’s “result show” blog……
Tomorrow is another day……and I am hopeful and confident, that it will be a better one!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The competition has begun and no doubt the contestants were very nervous, but some seemed to handle the “nerves” better than others. Here is my take, as well as some comments from the Judges, on the top 12 guy performers:

Rudy Cardenas – Free Ride – He has a good voice and was very upbeat, but I have to agree with Simon, in the respect that he is not unique and there is no defining quality to his voice. My pet peeve? If I’m listening to a song, I want to hear the lyrics as best as I can and Rudy didn’t do a good job of enunciating.

Brandon Rogers – Rock With You – I was hoping for more and just wasn’t impressed. He was pitchy in spots and I think maybe with a different song, he’ll do better. Simon said he’s better than his song choice and shouldn’t play it safe and do the predictable.

Sundance Head – Nights in White Satin – He can sing. There’s no doubt about it, but the nerves have him right now, as it was in every note he sang,. He just wasn’t as good as he was in the auditions. The Judges felt he was pitchy and definitely picked the wrong song. He was “bluesy” and great in the auditions and needs to find his way back to that soulful sound.

Paul Kim – Careless Whisper – He too was pitchy in spots and it seems the Randy was more impressed with him than I was ….personally. Randy believes he has one of the better voices in the competition but…wrong song choice. Paul sings with his shoes off and stated he will do this throughout the competition. After singing, Simon wants him to put his shoes back on. He felt Paul did a 3rd rate version of George Michael and there was no “wow” factor.

Chris Richardson – I Don’t Want To Be Anyone Other Than Me – Let’s face it….the top 24 can all sing, but this song and his rendition just didn’t do anything for me. I felt he was straning his voice and trying too hard and once again, was not as impressive as in the Auditions. Randy surprised me. He said that Chris brought a “different flavor” to the competition – Not the best song he could have sung. Paula liked him and Simon felt his vocal was below standard.

Nick Pedro – Now and Forever – I was impressed with him at the Auditions when he sang “Fly Me To The Moon”, which also happens to be one of my alltime favorite songs. His voice quality is like velvet and he touched me with his song choice tonight. However, Randy thought he was boring. Simon didn’t think his performance was bad, he just feels that Nick lost his sparkle. Simon believes he will definitely be back next week and so do I!

Blake Lewis – Somewhere Only We Know – I think he sang a beautiful rendition of this song, His vocals were right on. Simon said he was the first performer who sang like he was in the year 2007 and it was the best performance so far tonight.

Sanjaya Malakar - Knocks Me Off My Feet - As he said himself….he is the youngest contestant, though that should have no bearing, as we’ve seen in past AI shows, but he doesn’t have the experience of performing, like some of the other contestants have and it shows. It wasn’t a memorable performance. He needs to project more and display more personality if he wants to have a shot.

Chris Sligh – Typical – There is absolutely nothing typical about this guy. He is without a doubt, a complete natural and a definite pick for one of the top spots in my book. He is so comfortable and relaxed on stage, or at least he appears to be and that’s what’s important. Phenominal, is my word of choice for him and his performance. Randy is a “Chris” fan, Paula liked it….and Simon was a bit torn, whatever that was suppose to mean, because he couldn’t put it into words. When Ryan got into the “mix”, tensions were apparent between Simon and himself.. When asked a question about song choice by Ryan, Chris mentioned that he shouldn’t be judged because he didn’t sing Devoe or the Telletubbies and Simon stated, he could always pick the latter. Yes, the remark was uncalled for and it was definitely a “not nice Simon” moment. It went so far, as to Ryan just thanking Paula and Randy at the end of the show.

Jared Cotter – Back At One – Wow…..Him I like a lot! He has an incredibly smooth, polished quality to his voice with awesome range . The Judges and I locked horns on this one! Randsy didn’t like the ending, but thought the rest of the performance was okay, Paula wants to see more originality and Simon thought he was a bit nasally. Where was I??? lol The fact that needs to take more risks? That I agree with, but goes for all the other contestants as well.

AJ Tabaldo
– Oh My Love – There was nothing about his performance that impressed me, though he too obviously, has a good voice. Randy said that vocally he was good, but Simon felt it was a “theme park” performance and very predictable. He has to be a bit more daring and yes, Simon stated that AJ was better than he originally thought.

Phil Stacey – I Could Not Ask For More- He is a powerful Singer who emotes so much energy and personality with his songs. His range is incredible and pitch is right on. I loved his performance! Randy stated he was the best vocal of the night and Simon thought he was just okay.

I thought Paula was too “wishy washy” in her comments and criticisms of the performances. She seemed to be riding the fence all night, not actually giving negative or positive feedback of her own and I was thinking……Why is she even there tonight?...totally disappointed.

My top choices so far:

Chris Sligh
Phil Stacey
With definite leaning toward
Nick Pedro
Jared Cotter

This is how I feel, at this moment in time and remember……Shayna’s thoughts are subject to change:)

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


We all can use some positive affirmations in our lives and so I would like to share with you....the following:
Remove the muzzle and be authentically YOU.

Approach every "problem" as an opportunity.

Make your enemies your friends. It’s better to keep them close at hand.

Know that you're doing the best you can (for now).

Recognize that you're enough.

Express gratitude by giving fully and freely.

Invite into your life, only what you really want.

Live as if there are no wrong moves.

Choose beliefs that lead to happiness, love and God.

Encourage the miraculous by believing in the "impossible."

Thursday, February 15, 2007


The results show was held at the Civic Auditorium and it was an extremely long day and wait for most. One by one, each contestant was brought up by elevator, into the room where Paula, Randy and Simon were. A chair was stage center and each hopeful would sit and wait for their fate. The Judges didn’t make it easy and kept each one in suspense, before stating whether they were chosen or not. It was difficult watch those who didn’t make it, as you could see the light from within their eyes…fade. But hopefully, they will continue their dream and who knows what might come from the small exposure they have already obtained though the show.

Those who did not make it to the final 24:

Anna Kearns, Bernard Williams, Eric Davis, Tanya, Jimmy McNeil, Erick Johnson, Thomas Lowe, Olivia, Tatiana, Monique, Jerome Chism, Joelle James, Matthew Buckstein, Princess Johnson, Marissa Rhodes,Thomas Daniels

The Final 24

Alaina Alexander
Age 24
West Hollywood, California

Amy Krebs
Age 22
Federal Way, Washington

Antonella Barba
Age 20
Point Pleasant, New Jersey

Gina Glocksen
Age 22
Naperville, Illinois

Haley Scarnato
Age 24
San Antonio, Texas

Jordin Sparks
Age 17
Glendale, Arizona

Lakisha Jones
Age 27
Fort Meadw, Maryland

Leslie Hunt
Age 24
Chicago, Illinois

Melinda Doolittle
Age 29
Brentwood, Tennessee

Nicole Tranquillo
Age 20
Philadelphia, Pa

Sabrina Sloan
Age 27
Studio City, California

Stephanie Edwards
Age 19
Savannah, Georgia

AJ Tabaldo
Age 22
Santa Maria, California

Blake Lewis
Age 25
Bothell, Washington

Brandon Rogers
Age 28
North Hollywood, California

Chris Richardson
Age 22
Chesapeake, Virginia

Chris Sligh
Age 28
Greenville, South Carolina

Jared Cotter
Age 25
Kew Gardens, New York

Nicholas Pedro
Age 25
Taunton, Massachusetts

Paul Kim
Age 25
Saratoga, California

Phil Stacy
Jacksonville, Florida

Rudy Cardenas
North Hollywood, California

Sanjaya Malakar
Age 17
Federal Way, Washington

Sundance Head
Age 28
Porter, Texas

And now the best part of American Idol begins and I’m so looking forward to it!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Valentine Story

I was reading the newspaper this morning and came across this story, by Phil Bowhay of the Monterey County Herald. It touched my heart and I wanted to share it with you!

Valentine’s Day – always a day of romance and promise, sincere or otherwise, but never more so than in the 4th grade at Horace Mann in Bakersfield, California.

Miss Cartwright let some of the more artistic kids make the Valentine box about 2 feet square and deep, with a slot on the top, the whole thing dressed with hearts, doily paper and cut-out cupids and arrows.

The girls sent cards to each other and maybe 2 or 3 to certain boys. Those of us boys with early political instincts, included all the girls. To other boys, we sent cards mildly insulting or comic. The box filled, until on the last period of Valentine’s Day, off came the lid.

My stack grew early and I noticed that Amy Custer’s stack was growing fast too. Leila, notably unpopular, was receiving more than some of the better liked girls and it was loudly whispered, that she had sent several to herself. The box finally emptied and there were smiles around the room.

And then as we all glanced around, seeing who got what, William Bagley, sitting quietly in the back corner of the room, was looking out the window, maybe just the touch of a tear on his cheek. William was not popular and worse, he was one of the kids who was just plain ignored. Neither liked or disliked, he just wasn’t noticed. A few freckles, reddish hair, clothes maybe a little different, but all in all…he just wasn’t there to others, The only valentine on his desk, with his hand over it, was the one from the Teacher. There were embarrassed whispers – no giggles – and then quiet. Miss Cartwright hadn’t noticed.

“All right Children. Everyone back to their seats,” But then up stood Amy, who took a valentine off her pile and walked to William’s desk. Miss Cartwright started to say something, but thought better of it. “Here William,” said Amy. “I got too many and I think some of these got mixed up.” William tried to say something, but nothing came out. He nodded. Amy smiled, looked straight ahead and walked back to her desk. Doris, who really didn’t have that many of her own, took the biggest one off her pile and without saying a word….walked back and put it on William’s desk. Every girl in the class, did the same. William really didn’t know what to do, but in quiet grace, accepted these tokens. Miss Cartwright knew that something special was happening and remained quiet. Blessedly, the bell rang and Valentine’s Day was over.

And what of William? Well, he did just fine! The next day at school, the kids in the class all said, “Hi William.” There was no mention of the previous day, but he was noticed from then on.

Personal note: I would gladly give up any recognition I might receive on this day, for one child to be recogized and accepted for who they are.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


There are 172 hopefuls and only 5 days in which to prove they have what it takes to get through to the final 24!

Day 1 – Contestants were placed in groups of 6 and sang individually for 30 secs. The girls went first and then the guys.
The first group all forgot their lines in one way or another and they were all told to pack up and head home. The judges are not going to have much tolerance during these five days and Simon warned all the others…that if they forget their lines, it’s the end of the line for them!

Since we weren’t able to see all the performances, the show touched mostly on those we had come to know a bit more, during the auditions. Rachel, whose husband is stationed in Iraq, didn’t make it to the next round. Perle, the vivacious Columbia Diva did make it through, but Simon told her that she would have to tone it down a notch or two. She is too over the top. Bailey Brown, the Country girl and one of my favorites, as well as Simon’s…made it through, They showed Nicole Turner having a struggle with her Mom and Aunt, about a song selection. In the end, she sang what they wanted and didn’t feel she put her heart into it. Sure enough, it wasn’t good enough for the judges either and she was sent home. Suddenly…..her Mom walked out onto the stage, to try and plea her case for the daughter. Simon kept saying it wasn’t the song…it was her singing, got frustrated and walked away. Nicole came back to stress her point as well and you could hear a faded voice in the background yelling…”IT WASN’T THE SONG!” End of story.
Of 114 girls competing, 57 made it through to the next round.

There are not nearly as many guys competing, so it gives them much better odds.

Brian sang A Long Time Coming and he made it through. Jarrod, from the USS Ronald Regan did not and I did feel badly about that. Do you remember Matt, the 16 year old who called his folks after getting through the audition? Well, he made it through and once again, called his parents. He explained that before this, they weren’t supportive of his singing, but now they were. He said he felt loved! He cried after the phone call and said, “My Mother loves me now.” How sad is thatL Phil Stacy, the guy whose wife gave birth to their child on the night of his audition, made it through, as did Sean, our Castro…whatever lookalike….lol 92 contestants in total, survived the 1st round.

They moved on to group night, which in my opinion….is the worst part of this entire competition. You have to attempt to bond with others – in groups of 4, with those you don’t know and there are always personality conflicts and the ones who do not either take it seriously or give 100%....but you have no choice.

Best friends Antonella and Amanda formed a group with Bailey and there were struggles. Bailey wasn’t part of this and sat quietly, while the other two argued. Tempers were flaring in Perle’s group. She couldn’t get the hang of harmonizing and her group was getting frustrated. As it turned out…to name a few…..Matt was sent home and once again I was saddened by this. Perle was sent home as well, but not a surprise.
There was a group of 4 guys who sang and they were incredible! They sang as if they had been together forever. No one forgot their lines and their choreography and harmonizing was right on! Paula gave them a standing audition and said they brought down the house….One guy I want to pay close attention to is Thomas Lowe….1. because he is talented and 2. because he is from Boston and I have to root for my home town!
Remember these name: Chris Sligh, Rudy, Thomas Lowe and Blake

Teddy Bear Jason made it through, but Simon told Paula that she was being generous with him…in her decision.

The biggest shock of the night was that Bailey Brown was sent home. She could not remember the lyrics and although Antonella & Amanda didn’t perform well either….they were put through to the next round. Simon had stated that Bailey was the complete package and had the “it” factor. She was commercial with a capital C. I hope someone with clout, who has any wisdom….will pick this girl up and sign her to a contract. I know she is only 16 and can try out next year and I know rules are rules…..but in the case of extreme talent, I think in some cases, the rules could be bent just a bit.

Just 56 are left and the final cuts will come tomorrow night. We will then know who our final 24 are…….12 girls and 12 guys.

Stay tuned for more of Idol Boot Camp!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

A Reason....A Season....A Lifetime

People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. When you know which one it is, you will know what to do for that person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally or spiritually. They may seem like a godsend and they are. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they die. Sometimes they walk away. Sometime s they act up and force you to take a stand. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. The prayer you sent up has been answered and now it is time to move on.

Some people come into your life for a SEASON, because your turn has come to share, grow or learn. They bring you an experience of peace or make you laugh. They may teach you something you have never done. They usually give you an unbelievable amount of joy. Believe it, it is real. But only for a season.

LIFETIME relationships teach you lifetime lessons, things you must build upon in order to have a solid emotional foundation. Your job is to accept the lesson, love the person and put what you have learned to use in all other relationships and areas of your life. It is said that love is blind but friendship is clairvoyant .

Thank you for being a part of my life, whether you were a reason, a season or a lifetime.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

AMERICAN IDOL – The Best of the Rest

For this final audition show, we were once again…introduced to the best and the worst!

Christa – Her clothes and voice were just rediculous! To me she looked like an accident waiting to happen. Simon commented, that she looked like someone who had just come out of a dust bin? lol She asked if she could perform something else and Simon’s response was, “juggle.” Lol

Tammy – She really had a nice voice and Simon kept saying how much he liked her. He said she was different, she stands out, has terrific tone and a terrific voice. His vote was 1000%, that she go to Hollywood!

Paul – If I Ever Fall In Love – His voice was pure magic, with a capital M. He had a unique sound…..raspy, sexy and as Paula described it….smoky. Without a doubt, he is going to Hollywood!

Jack – He attempted to sing a song that Beau did, during his competition. It was just atrocious! Simon stated that he was incredibly deluded and Jack apologized and left…lol

Gina- As soon as she entered the roomshe went on as to how much she loved Simon and it would make her dreams come true…Simon asked her to sing first and she blew the judges away with her performance. She was great! Simon was impressed and stated that she had soul……Gina was rewarded with a big hug from Simon and her dream….became a reality! Now where did that phrase come from??? Lol

Edward – He came into the room and professed his love to Paula. There was no denying how much he adores her. He sang Donna and it’s just too bad that there was not one note on key. Simon commented that he was deaf, as well as blind….lol He got his hug from Paula and left the room, as happy as if he had won the golden ticket.

Three friends came in to the room together to audition, but separately. Heather sang a rendition of “Broken Road”. She was good, but held no special qualities. No to Hollywood.

Ashley sang “Angel” and she really did well, though the judges weren’t blown away by her. They decided to give Ashley a 2nd chance and she was given the opportunity to go to Hollywood.

Ebony sang “I Believe In You and Me” and she is already a Star. Everyone was in a trance as she sang….Simon said she could sing from the phone book and it wouldn’t make a difference….that she is in a different league from her friends and of course all judges agreed that she is Hollywood bound! As Ebony left the room, Simon turned to Randy and Paula and stated that she was amazing!!

Wes sang his original composition, “Don’t worry – Don’t Hurry” and he was just plain bad, as was his song. There should have been a warning label: If Wes is singing, you’d better worry big time and hurry out the door right quick…lol

Alex sange “Making Love Out of Nothing At All” – The Judges didn’t like him….He wasn’t good at all zand Simon said his performance was a nightmare. There was a vulnerability in this kid that they saw, so they were kind to him in saying no to Hollywood.

Lakeesh – She sang a version of “Think” by Aretha Franklin and you would have sworn, it was Aretha singing it. This Lady, as Randy would say…..was the Bomb! Simon told Lakeesha he loved her..that she was a good old fashioned belter and just brilliant!

Next week it’s Hollywood bound for the guys and gals….172 in total, who hold golden tickets. When all is said and done, there will be 12 guys and 12 girls remaining, who will compete in the main American Idol competition. As grueling as the process has been in years past, it was stated that it will be more so….this year. I wish everyone the best of luck and can’t wait to follow you through the process. Keep the faith and "break a leg"!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Wednesday night, will be the final “tryout” in finding the American Idol and I, as well as millions of people cannot wait fopr this portion to be over with. As for last night’s auditions?

Brian, who supposedly won a “mock” version of American Idol, sang a Billy Idol song….As he was screaming More, More, More…..I kept screaming Less, Less, Less…I crack myself up sometimes….lol

Haley did her rendition of “ I can’t make you love me” and I happen to love this song, as I also really liked the way Haley sang it. The judges felt she had good control, but her voice wasn’t unique…..She was definitely good enough for a 2nd chance, so she obtained the golden ticket.

Jasmine – For some reason the Judges were all in a silly mood,…yes, even Simon and not much would set them off on a laughing spree. Jasmine walked in and the laughter began, before she even hit a single note….It just escalated after that. Even though Jasmine couldn’t sing, I could understand her being upset at being laughed at as soon as she came through the door. Talk about the “ultra” intimidation factor!

Bailey Brown – Now here is a country girl to remember! She has an outstanding chance at going the distance. She has a lilt in her voice and is just an outstanding singer. Simon stated she was born to be a “pop star” and that she is commercial….with a Capital C! All gave 100% yes to her going to Hollywood.

Two cousins came to compete. First was William who attempted to sing “Amazing Grace”….Do you know the line where it states, I once was lost, but now I’m found? Well, in my opinion, this guy should be lost forever
Then it was Akron’s turn and he sang “A Long Time Coming”. He had a good voice and was handed the golden ticket.

Sandra sang a version of “Black Velvet”, although you would never have known it. Not only was it laughable, but you couldn’t understand a single word she said. She broke down in tears when she was rejected and suprisingly enough, the judges were kind in their criticisms due to this. Simon was a bit shocked after the fact, when he read she was actually a music teacher?

Ashley really cute with beautiful eyes…..and her voice was beautiful…in my opinion as well. The Judges explained they were rejecting her, because she seems to make these strange facial expressions when she sings and they didn’t like the inflections in her voice. She was really sad and left the building with her parents. They panned back into the Judge’s room, where Simon is stating that he thinks they made a mistake with this girl….. was asked to find Ashley and ask her to come back in. Once there, she sings another song, the Judges once again explain her “quirks” and let her know she is going to have to work hard to overcome them and gives her the chance to come to Hollywood. I think Simon did the right thing in going with his “gut” instincts.

Jacob, who had the self proclaimed name of: Jake the Snake sang…..hmmmm, I can’t even remember what he attempted to sing. It was that memorable…lol All I know, is that Simon stated he should be in a very dark room, when he sings this song…lol

The final performance was from Jimmy, who brought an immediate smile to my face, simply because of his smile. He is awesome and a Star from the “getgo”! He sang a version of “Cupid” that was incredible. Simon said he was a “little, fun Ruben” and he said this with a smile, because all the judges loved him! Simon commented further and said he was authentic, extremely likeable and was given the golden ticket.

Golden tickets were handed to 22 very happy hopefuls! One more night! Yahhhhhhhh lol

Thursday, February 01, 2007

American Idol
Brimingham & Los Angeles
I could go on and on, about how terrible.... 99.9% of the auditions were. In years past, we’ve all seen our share of bad talent on these shows , but at least we got to see a good percentage of some who posessed the ability to go on. Maybe I’ve just gotten bored with people wanting their 15 seconds of fame, but it would have been nice to spotlight a bit more, on some who had talent, than those who have none. Simon wonders why these kooks constantly show up??? The answer is simple. They’ve been given the green light to do so, and for whatever their reason , they’re using it. Plus, it makes for good tv ratings.

39 hopefuls were given the “golden ticket” in a combined total from the tryouts in Birmingham Alabama and Los Angeles, Ca. I think we saw possibly 4, out of that total number, who were given the “golden ticket.” How sad is that? The final audition(thankfully), will be held next week in San Antonio, Texas and hopefully after that, we can get down to the real excitement of finding the next American Idol.

Anyway….Rather than have me expound over the past two days on people who didn’t deserve exposure in the first place and definitely do not deserve any more…..I would prefer to concentrate on the most poignant and heartfelt moment to date. A humble and gentle man by the name of Sherman, who is 65 years young, wanted the opportunity to audition….. not to enter the competition, but for the chance to sing, to the one who has been the love of his life for the past 20 years. She had been diagnosed with cancer and was in the hospital when Sherman came up with this idea. Since she had become excited about it, he made it his mission. Sherman drew up a petition and began collecting signatures, for his chance to audition. Every day he would return to the hospital, to show her the additional signatures obtained. He saw her excitement and felt, that what he was doing, had provided her with the additional will to keep fighting . However, two days before the auditions in Los Angeles, she lost the battle and sadly, passed away. The Judges were so compassionate while hearing the story but Sherman stated he didn’t want sympathy. He just wanted to sing and he was overwhelmingly, given the chance.. Sherman sang “You Belong To Me” in its entirety…..without interruption. You could hear a pin drop in the audition room. And you know what? He sang really well! Simon was the first to get up from his seat and requested a handshake from this “class act”(Simon’s words) and Randy, Paula and Olivia Newton John gave him hugs. Sherman’s parting words were, “I won”. “I’m already a winner” and indeed he is just that! He left the room a very proud man; a man who had accomplished what he set out to do.
Despite what some may believe.....Love can definitely be……a many splendored thing!