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Friday, June 08, 2007

Paris - If you play, then you're gonna pay!

Up until this point in time, I really didn't care to read anything about Paris Hilton, let alone comment about her. I've never really held her in any regard, because in my opinion, she has always shown herself herself to be nothing but a spoiled brat. I don't blame her for her outrageous behavior, but I do blame her parents for not setting any boundaries and their lack of attempting to lead her toward reaching a goal in life......a purpose in life.

Having wealth, does not mean that you should slide through this life and not be accountable for any wrongs that you do. Let's face it, she's not a role model for our children. The only thing Paris Hilton has ever stood for is looking beautiful and doing the party scene.There are many children who have been born into wealth, but have had to prove themselves as worthy, to obtain over and above what they were born in to and I commend these parents, for showing their children the difference between right and wrong and in veering them into becoming adults who have a purpose and direction in life.

There are many in the prison system who have medical, mental and/or disabilities of one kind or another, yet they do their time. Prisons have medical facilities as well as Psych facilities, so if Paris is suffering from one or the other or just decides not to eat, these situations can be dealt with. Not taking her meds as she should, if indeed that is the case and "losing it" because of this, is not a reason to send her home. I believe that since she is under the care of a Psychiatrist and Doctor, the proper meds will be given and one aspect of this dilemma will be taken care of. As for the incarceration part.........then I think Paris better suck it up and be grateful she is only there for 23 days. While driving under the influence....she could have taken a life and then not only would she have to be in prison for a much longer time, but would have to live with the guilt for the rest of her life.. She should thank her lucky stars that this wasn't the case. But does she care about anything other than herself? At this point in time, not a chance.

Whether the Sheriff feels that other cases similar to Paris' were let out of prison after 3 days with monitor bracelets or spent no prison time at all, holds no relevance to me. Paris showed a total disregard for the judicial system.....blantantly appearing in court late, driving under the influence and then being stopped twice while dui and on a suspended driving license. She felt she was above the law and I commend the Judge for making Paris learn a hard lesson....that money can't buy everything. I hope that when she does come home, she'll be wiser and have learned much from this ordeal. My question is.....will she? I hope I'm wrong, but somehow I don't think she will. Her parents have been her enablers for her whole life to this point and I doubt that will change going forward. How sad is that?

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