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Friday, April 27, 2007


There is much I want to talk about, but I’ll start first by reviewing Tuesday Night’s Idol……

Chris sang “Change The World” and I was pleasantly surprised. Where did the “nasal sound” that he impressed to Simon was a syle of singing? It wasn’t present in this performance and I enjoyed it very much!

Melinda sang “There Will Come A Day” – She continues to give me “chills” when she sings. She is so so talented and as Randy refers to her….the resident pro! I don’t believe there is a song she can’t sing and if there is….she’s smart enough not to attempt it. That’s the difference between knowing your comfort zone and not knowing it….

Blake sang “Imagine” and though he sang a very nice version of it, I felt as the Judges did….a bit disappointed. I myself expected him to make this song, at some point his own…by putting his own fix on it. His performance left me disappointed

Lakisha sang “I believe” and she made a believer out of me. I thought it was a beautiful performance and she is an amazing vocalist….but I can understand the Judges’ comments on her sometimes screaming…when she reaches for the big notes. I think when you sing gospel, you’re used to reaching from within and it does come out not as pure in tone. I still get the feeling that she's not going to be 100% safe.

Jordan sang “You’ll never Walk Alone” and if my reaction was even close to anyone else who watched it….there wasn’t a dry eye for the entire performance. When she’s on stage singing, she comes alive and brings everyone along with her. She is such an incredibly magical singer with such a pure tone….and her smile can light up a room.

Phil sang “the Change” and I have to say I thought his performance was awesome! What a change, when you find who you are and feel comfortable in your own skin. He sang with compassion, comviction and he definitely connected with the audience.

The "Idol Gives Back Show" was an eye opener as well as watching some really great performances. I have to be honest. I think if I had been to Africa where I met so many orphans taking care of themselves, I would not have been able to resist scooping some of them them up and taking them home with me. I couldn't believe the ages of the children who were living on their own. Their tears broke my heart and I truly wish there was something that could be done to help them on a much larger scale. Sure, the money helps enormously, but it's Moms and Dads that they need....someone to take care of them and protect them. They didn't ask to be brought into this world and to live the life that they have to is just not fair.....not fair or just in any way. I am happy that some of the money will also go to those in our own United States who need our help so desperately. I've always believed that we should help our own first. No one in this country should be without housing, food or any type of assistance that they need in order to survive. My goodness.... How can we help others, if we don't help our own? I hope this show was the driving force in showing others that reaching out.... benefits not only those in need, but ouselves as well.

As for the elimination part? I thought it was a joke. Why on earth would they have made Jordan feel like she was going home, to then state that AI could not let anyone go home on this special night and that there were going to be 2 eliminations next week. The "powers to be" should just have stated that in the beginning of the evening. This show was suppose to be about giving(in all aspects) and all they did was make a mockery of it. Help others...but it's okay to taunt, tease and ridicule the contestants, who are the ones who make AI the success that it is. All I can say is ....Shame on them!...........



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