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Friday, April 27, 2007


There is much I want to talk about, but I’ll start first by reviewing Tuesday Night’s Idol……

Chris sang “Change The World” and I was pleasantly surprised. Where did the “nasal sound” that he impressed to Simon was a syle of singing? It wasn’t present in this performance and I enjoyed it very much!

Melinda sang “There Will Come A Day” – She continues to give me “chills” when she sings. She is so so talented and as Randy refers to her….the resident pro! I don’t believe there is a song she can’t sing and if there is….she’s smart enough not to attempt it. That’s the difference between knowing your comfort zone and not knowing it….

Blake sang “Imagine” and though he sang a very nice version of it, I felt as the Judges did….a bit disappointed. I myself expected him to make this song, at some point his own…by putting his own fix on it. His performance left me disappointed

Lakisha sang “I believe” and she made a believer out of me. I thought it was a beautiful performance and she is an amazing vocalist….but I can understand the Judges’ comments on her sometimes screaming…when she reaches for the big notes. I think when you sing gospel, you’re used to reaching from within and it does come out not as pure in tone. I still get the feeling that she's not going to be 100% safe.

Jordan sang “You’ll never Walk Alone” and if my reaction was even close to anyone else who watched it….there wasn’t a dry eye for the entire performance. When she’s on stage singing, she comes alive and brings everyone along with her. She is such an incredibly magical singer with such a pure tone….and her smile can light up a room.

Phil sang “the Change” and I have to say I thought his performance was awesome! What a change, when you find who you are and feel comfortable in your own skin. He sang with compassion, comviction and he definitely connected with the audience.

The "Idol Gives Back Show" was an eye opener as well as watching some really great performances. I have to be honest. I think if I had been to Africa where I met so many orphans taking care of themselves, I would not have been able to resist scooping some of them them up and taking them home with me. I couldn't believe the ages of the children who were living on their own. Their tears broke my heart and I truly wish there was something that could be done to help them on a much larger scale. Sure, the money helps enormously, but it's Moms and Dads that they need....someone to take care of them and protect them. They didn't ask to be brought into this world and to live the life that they have to is just not fair.....not fair or just in any way. I am happy that some of the money will also go to those in our own United States who need our help so desperately. I've always believed that we should help our own first. No one in this country should be without housing, food or any type of assistance that they need in order to survive. My goodness.... How can we help others, if we don't help our own? I hope this show was the driving force in showing others that reaching out.... benefits not only those in need, but ouselves as well.

As for the elimination part? I thought it was a joke. Why on earth would they have made Jordan feel like she was going home, to then state that AI could not let anyone go home on this special night and that there were going to be 2 eliminations next week. The "powers to be" should just have stated that in the beginning of the evening. This show was suppose to be about giving(in all aspects) and all they did was make a mockery of it. Help others...but it's okay to taunt, tease and ridicule the contestants, who are the ones who make AI the success that it is. All I can say is ....Shame on them!...........


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Sunday, April 22, 2007

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

I've learned that, no matter what happens, how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.
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I've learned that I still have a lot to learn!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Chris - was extremely nasally, thoughm believe it or not, if you've been reading my AI blogs....this was the first time I actually liked his version of the song he performed and of course
this time, the Judges didn't like his performance at all. I really couldn't believe it though,.when Chris said he sang that way on purpose and that singing nasally, was actually a type of singing. I think he was trying to educate I've been on this planet for 57 years and this is the first I've ever heard of "nasally" being a type of singing and if anyone knows differently, please enlighten Simon's facial reaction was a Kodak moment....:) He was apalled and said, "You sing this way on purpose"???????? lol

Phil....Now I think he was absolutely terrific! Country is definitely his genre. He was relaxed, projected his voice , showed his phenominal range and had personality plus, which is something he's been lacking in past shows. He definitely deserves to stay.

Lakisha has me worried. We know she's a phenominal singer, but her song choices haven't really been good and her performance was shaky at best. She was out of her "comfort zone" with her song choice and tended to scream, more than belt out the tune.

Jordan is all "that" at this point! She is so so talented, totally comfortable on stage and boy oh boy, does she have range. She has it all in a neat package and whether she wins or not, her path to stardom is already in the making. She is a songwriter's and recording producer's dream come true.

Melinda is already a star in my book! She can sing anything, she evokes deep seated emotion...she makes you "feel" the song from the tips of your toes. She captures an audience and wows them......She has certainly wowed me.

Blake is also a favorite of mine. He has the moves, the voice, the class and once again, knows how to pick the song that's best for him. He knows who he is and that's such a plus!

Results Show: I guess my feelings served me correct about Lakisha and though she has a great voice, she is going to have to find the right song in order to stay in the game. It's not about the genre actually, because I believe you can find the song that fits who you are in any category. I'm not sure Lakisha knows where her strengths lie yet.....and I hope she finds the answer soon. As for Blake? I was surprised he was in the bottom 3, as I feel Chris belonged there more than Blake. I had no doubt that Blake would be the first to be moved to safety. And now it seems the reign of Sanjiya has ended and it was about time and it's also time to move we all say: Bye Bya Sanjiya! I feel badly that he became the brunt of so many parodies and jokes, but when you put yourself in the limelight, sometimes not so nice things happen. If his dream is to pursue a singing career, then I hope as he matures......he will make that dream a reality.....If it is meant to will be. I wish Sanjiya the best on his journey and until next time......
The beat goes on......


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Your Life Path Number is 3

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

And Then There Were 7 - American Idol

Jennifer Lopez was the Mentor

It's a sad turn of events, when even I have to admit that Sanjiya did not give a half bad performance with his version of Beseme Mucho. I have to give the kid some credit. He has to know what the public and internet have been saying about him….and yet he goes on, with a smile and does his thing…head held high. Maybe it's his age, but I doubt it, because there aren't many who could pull this off each week, without their confidence going down the drain totally, because of all the negativity…..not that he doesn't deserve some of it. I mean let's face it. He is not THE American Idol and if he turns out to be, then this will be my last AI season….and I'm sure I speak for many! You can only take a joke for so long….know what I mean?

Chris Richardson – Strange….I wasn't at all surprised that he was in the bottom 3 last night, but I also knew he would be the one who would end up safe in the end. The Judges praised his performance and I didn't like it. I just don't like his sound and I'm sorry, but I find him to be "pitchy", even when the Judges don't mention it. And Paula saying he's a sexy performer??? If anyone would be considered that when they sing… would be Blake

Blake sang "Baby Girl" and Man oh man, he has a style all of his own. He is so multi-talented. He does his own thing, makes every song his own and can sing any genre they throw at him….at least so far. I can't wait to see what country song he'll pick for next week's show! I am beginning to waver….and have my "wonder" cap on. Do you think it's possible that Blake could upset Jordan, Melinda or Lakisha and possibly become the next American Idol? I think it's very possible. Looking forward to more performances…..

Phil sang "Maria" and I really adore his voice….There is such a smoothness to it and you can't go near his range…it's phenomenal, when he really lets himself go! However….. for whatever the reason, he just is not drawing the fan base and really hasn't since the beginning. He didn't go last night, but unless he does exceptionally well going forward, I have a feeling, his days are numbered. I hope Sanjiya goes before Phil.

Jordan sang "Rhythmn is Gonna Get You" and it sure won over the audience, as well as Randy & Paula. Simon was a different issue, as he seemed to have problems with everyone's performance but one. I think when a genre of music is picked that he's not that familiar with, it upsets him….lol I've seen it happen to him before. Jordan gave an outstanding performance…as usual.

Melinda sang "Sway" and this lady is a definite star, with a capital S! It was a more subdued and sultry sounding performance and her ending was dynamite!!

Lakisha sang "Conga" and I really enjoyed her rendition. Personally, I think it was her best performance over the past couple of weeks, as I've felt her slipping from the popularity that was unitially there during the earlier shows. It happens, as other competitors evolve and grow. I would love to see her ding something outstanding, as she did in her very first performance. Lakisha is a gifted singer and was originally in my top 3, but has since become #4……for now that is.

Haley as we all know was sent home packing. Personally,I wasn't at all surprised and I'm glad she went home before Phil, because if Phil would just let loose and go with the music, I still think he would stand a chance. Haley is adorable, with a great figure……and her voice has such a nice quality to it….but outstanding she's not. You could tell the judges had her picked for this week to leave, as her critique was worse than anyone elses.

So, it's Country music next week and I can't wait!!!!! Country is my music and I listen to it as it's being played on the best country radio station in Florida, every day…on my drive to work, during work and then for the ride home......WQYK. I adore Martina McBride and she is going to be the Mentor. I can't think of anyone that is more qualified for the job….. than Amazing Martina McBride!:) How many cowboy hats do you think we'll see and what kind of a cowboy, will Sanjiya make? Some visualizations are best left alone and out of the imagination….lol


Sunday, April 08, 2007

You Are Sunrise

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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Sanjiya gets to stay, while Gina is voted to go home...
Where's the justice???????????? :(
Tony Bennet was the Mentor

All the Contestants gave 100% last night – except with the exception of the “One”, I wish would somehow just go away……

Blake Lewis
sang “Mack The Knife” and what a spin he put on this song. It’s never been one of my favorites, but Blake’s version, would make me a believer after all these years. He totally made the song his own and I considered this one of his greatest performances.

Phil Stacey
- Here is where the judges and I differed. Yes, I believe that Phil has been on a downward swing for the past couple of weeks, but I thought his performance tonight was extremely good. His vocals are smooth as velvet….

Melinda sang “I’ve Got Rhythmn”. She makes everyone believe they too can have rhythmn:) She just constantly blows my mind with her flawless performances. Ryan was indeed correct when he stated that with each performance, you can feel the electricity!

Chris Richardson – The Judges and I locked horns again. They felt it was his best performance so far and I thought it was just okay and nothing special. Maybe I just don’t see him as true “idol” material? Oops…probably sticking my foot in my mouth right now but we all have a right to our opinions:)

Jordan sang “On A Clear Day”. Jordan has amazing control and gave an outstanding performance. It’s really difficult to believe that she’s only 17? I just hope she doesn’t become over confident….

Gina – Our resident Rocker sang “Smile” and in my opinion, it was an extremely heartfelt, brilliant performance.

Haley sang “Ain’t Misbehavin”. She’s adorable and has an outstanding figure. She seems to be using it to her advantage as of late, because if you’ve got it…..flaunt it, as long as it’s done in good taste! I don’t think it will help keep her on Idol much longer though. Her sound is pure and she has beautiful tone, but I don’t think she has the staying power..

Lakisha sang “Stormy Weather”. She has the voice quality, stage presence and rendered a brilliant performance. As Simon stated……sassy and great!

Sanjiya sang “Cheek To Cheek”. No comment needed. He takes up way too much space to begin with……..